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Lamko's 17th Anniversary

发布日期:2016-12-15 点击数:23

10th Dec 2016, today is Lamko’s 17th anniversary.

In the past 17 years, we work toward the goals step by step, we help each other, and we grow up together until now. Under the leadership of Mr Feng (Chairman of Lamko) we use the best service and steady labour show our professional and strength in the industry , at the same time we would like to thanks all the partners, users and lamko people, thank you for your support and great efforts, and Congratulate lamko for the remarkable achievement during the past 17 years.


Lamko always have a strong positive attitude, we keep exploring and making breakthroughs in the competition, it fresh us with long-term motivated spirits.


Today we open the prelude for tomorrow, let’s being together with strong spirits and hope to pursue our amazing future!